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The Reset and Global First Contact

The Reset and Global First Contact Juliano and the Arcturians through David K. Miller

Greetings. I am Juliano, and we are the Arcturians! Let’s explore the concept called the reset and how it applies to the current situation on planet Earth. To understand what it means to reset, think about computers and electronic devices. If there is a malfunction in the operating system of a computer, errors might arise and, in severe cases, cause the device to function improperly. One method of fixing a computer is to reset it. In a reset, some parameters are temporarily or permanently erased. The device can be shut down and restarted in a different way. For example, some files stored in the computer might be erased, and some settings return to the default selection. When you operate a computer or electronic device, you often tailor its functions to suit your needs. For example, you might have screen savers or shortcuts you use that suit your operating style. When the reset is initiated, the personalized settings are removed, and the computer returns to the default, or factory, settings.

As you go through the reset process, the machine will not function at all. One step in resetting involves rebooting, which means restarting the device. During that process, the device is essentially useless. Rebooting alone does not return the device to factory settings; rather, it clears the computer’s temporary memory so that it can operate more efficiently. But when a computer is reset, everything is returned to factory installation settings and the device is restarted.

Resetting or rebooting does not always solve the problem. You hope the machine will be repaired, but there is no guarantee.