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Pleiadian Assistance on the Path to Ascension

Pleiadian Assistance on the Path to Ascension The Pleiadian Emissaries of Light through Star Hinman

Greetings to all of you! Know that you are receiving now what is for your highest and greatest good in the areas of the knowledge you requested, that which you have termed “assistance on the path to ascension.” We are here to bring energy work for you and to do some refinements with your four lower bodies that we feel will be very advantageous for you.

This process will enable you to move to the next level on your path toward ascension. We do this energy work with you as a beneficial first step to open your chakras — releasing whatever debris is stored there and assisting your bodies to ground to the planet — and to do all the basic work we have found necessary in order to assist you in reaching the next step in this process of ascension, no matter what your needs are.