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New Truths Inspire Harmony

New Truths Inspire Harmony Egyptian Cat Archetypes through Mary Elizabeth Hoffman

September 2017 is a month of truth revelations with a stellium of planets in Leo: Mercury, Mars, Venus, Vulcanus, and the Moon’s north node. This plethora of truth revelations will open the eyes, ears, and hearts of many as it seeks harmonious vibration and expressions of love, light, and life. We Tefnuts — represented symbolically as the lion, lioness, cougar, mountain lion, and puma energies — will share truthful visions of alternative directions, expressions, love, and hope for all living beings.

All pretense and illusion will fall away as, one by one, fantasies reveal their nebulous nature. The fragility of 3D, in all its forms, will be clear to all as the cosmic energies of the Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine seek to integrate all knowledge, wisdom, truth, and timing from all times, spaces, and dimensions into the now.

Passionate expressions of various facets of the jewel of truth about all subjects will come forth, bringing the extremes of emotional and irrational ego-based truths designed from fear to create boundaries and limitations. These might bring about physical and emotional eruptions as pent-up energies of denied truths burst forth into 3D reality. This bursting forth is necessary to bring about expanded vision; new beginnings; and change that fosters empowerment, compassion, and love for all beings and Earth. Love of knowledge, wisdom, and truth born from lifetimes of experience and growth will blossom within the personal and planetary halls of records, reminding humans of their destiny to facilitate the healing of ancient soul wounds eons in the making.