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A New Age Calls for a New Collective Consciousness

A New Age Calls for a New Collective Consciousness Master Djwhal Khul through Kathlyn Kingdon

Beloved Students, I am delighted to once again bring you greetings from the spiritual plane as all Earth’s beings enter another new month. May you all be blessed as you marvel at the flow of seasonal energies on your precious planet. As winter in the Southern Hemisphere balances summer in the Northern Hemisphere, Earth holds a most remarkable homeostasis. There is likely an important teaching in this poignant example of balance in the vaster picture, as the processes and requirements for continued evolution at national and continental levels can be quite oppositional at times.

As humanity wends its way through the rising turmoil, chaos, senseless brutality of terrorist attacks, and resulting wakes of loss and grief, may each one of you redouble your commitment to inner peace and outer balance. It is so what the planet needs from you — as well as what you need from you. Global chaos seems to have escalated during the past couple of years, and many people are now internalizing the stress they absorb from world events.

Some of you are noticing just how quickly positive states of mind can evaporate. It might seem more difficult than ever to rest the mind in natural peace and equanimity. Inside, you might feel you are dancing with personal demons. Outside, it could seem as if the world has been overtaken by demons. Given the elevated stress levels triggered by unseemly politics, dysfunctional governments, and irrational global events, how could it be otherwise? Indeed, these are soul-defining times, and all of you are being called to remain alert and fully present as you negotiate both your individual and collective paths.