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I think of marriage as a function or construct of the world. How do you view your marriage?

People often get married for the wrong reasons — most of them fear based and needy. That is a function of the world, yes. What I am saying is if you choose someone with the attitude of “I want to be with this person as a traveling companion on my eternal journey,” many things will be balanced: Whether or not you decide to go your separate ways later, at least you have a better chance of succeeding in the relationship with an eternal perspective. Little conflicts will matter less. You have criteria with which to choose a partner. If you can answer yes to, “Do I feel like walking through eternity with this person?” you will be less inclined to make hormone-based or needy decisions.

Viewing someone as a traveling companion makes one less inclined to be possessive or having ownership, something marriage often implies. Mutual supportiveness becomes more prevalent.