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Light Children Will Restore Respect for Life

Light Children Will Restore Respect for Life The New Ascended Masters through Maurene Watson

How do the New Earth children stop the cycle of abuse and move into lightbodies?

It is time to set the children on your planet free from carrying all the genetic abuse, trauma, enslavement, and genocide from the old Earth’s unconscious mind matrix. It’s time for them to turn on their core crystal-diamond particle starlight communication or new soul species DNA-encrypted code systems.

Children teach us about the science of love, and this will continue to challenge traditional schools of learning. When children are connected to their imaginations, they live and communicate through their souls’ I Am gifts. They transmit through their core light networks and channel through their spirits’ cosmic hearts in natural grace. Their innocence knows they are divine humans and that their human egos are warranted in their life requests. They trust to give to life and receive from the presence of life.