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Humanity Is Awakening to Oneness

Humanity Is Awakening to Oneness The Akashic Record through Renee Rowe

As you take a moment to pause, breathe, and come into a space of reflection, what arises could be the awareness of the wild ride of life that you’ve been participating in. The times you live in are of great importance, as what you’ve been collectively asking for is unfolding right before your eyes.

You are shifting into a new paradigm of love and unity. Embrace and love yourselves as a whole when the darkest shadows of humanity come forth. The illusions that you’ve created to separate yourselves from one another are coming to the surface.

You each have a choice to make when the shadow presents itself asking to be healed. Do you acknowledge this part of you, sit with the discomfort, and choose to honor it? Or do you choose to let it consume you and interact with the world around you from this old pattern?