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How to Work with Pictures of Crop Circles

How to Work with Pictures of Crop Circles Zoosh through Robert Shapiro

The problem with saying “‘this’ means ‘that’” and “‘that’ means ‘this’” is it is very convoluted. I don’t know the last time you were at a museum or gallery, but pictures mean different things to people. The crop circles are meant to trigger deep-seated memories in the physical consciousness of human beings and other beings on the planet, and they mean different things.

A single crop circle might mean seventy-five or eighty different things to people. So if we say, “This crop circle means ‘that,’” we can confuse people who are working on a feeling that means something completely different! Also, we don’t want to create a (how can we say?) trip-over situation. We don’t want to unintentionally put a trip wire there, because people have to feel-know these days.

You know one of the reasons the Andromedans stopped coming to check on what you were thinking and what you were doing is that someone said, “Look, in the coming years, there’s going to be even more people on this planet, and what people are thinking and what they are doing is going to be completely corrupted. So they’re going to have to feel-do, and that will be difficult enough because many times when people have a feeling, they act on it, and it’s just rage or something like that. But if it’s love, that’s fine.” So the issue is simply that they were told to stay away, so they did.