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How to Know You Are Ascending

How to Know You Are Ascending Jesus through Virginia Ellen

Jesus: You all wish to ascend, yet you do not know what that entails. Take a moment to contemplate your vision of ascension. It will not look as you imagine it. It is living in the unknown realms of unconditional love. Formless love is unconditional love, and it is what creates miracles. In the state of formless love, you bring the formless into form. That is manifestation.

Realize that you as a mind of thought are not really you. You as an ego do not exist except in your thoughts and emotions. You made yourself up as a character in your dream. The truth is that you are pure love, you are pure life, and you are God in human form. The formless unconditional love came into form as you. You have no life separate from God.

As you begin to accept this truth, you will lose more and more control over your life. Your destiny will begin to take form. The God that you are will begin to take over your life. You must cease planning your life, for it will not be as you planned or imagined. For those who are indeed ready to ascend, surrender to the life of God that you are. In each moment, there are unseen and unknown influences affecting you. Let go of all attachments to what you as the small mind desire. Live in the holy moment — not knowing and not seeking to know. This takes great faith. You will be propelled into a completely different direction than you thought. Then and only then will you implement the divine plan of your purpose.