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Embrace Your Authentic Self

Embrace Your Authentic Self Gaia through Cristi Jenkins

Dear ones, I am Gaia, and I embody the collective energy of the planet, both seen and unseen. You sense only a small fraction of the many activities and dimensions that play out upon this Earth. For many, it seems that the old, archaic ways of force and manipulation are gaining power, and you are losing hope in the benevolence of humankind. Yes, it is time to honor the sacred feminine and the sacred masculine as working in unity.

Many old constructs exist in your perceptions of the world that create an inherent bias. You grow up in an environment that skews the focus of power on to the unbalanced masculine and feminine energy. You have seen the results of what has happened when young boys are taught to deny the vibrant, tender emotions that manifest in hurt and tears: “Be a man, and deny who you are. Do not cry, or I will give you even more pain.” Many of you carry deep wounds from being told that you cannot be who you really are.

Yes, the message is similar for females. Many of you have been taught that you must sacrifice your identity and interpersonal freedom to follow certain roles that have kept you weak and afraid to speak your true voice. Many have been taught that you must defer to a male where you may never have equal status. Many men have been taught to see females as less than, and females have been taught to see men as stronger or more authoritative. You must ask yourself this question: “How do I undo the many years of these old paradigms that have served to keep me enmeshed in the illusion that men and women are not equal?”