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Create Oneness through Life’s Reflections

Create Oneness through Life’s Reflections The Siria Family through Sheryl Ann Noday

Greetings, friends. What a joy it is to be in your resonance once again. You have before you a grand display of physical activity that you are participating in. Some of you observe while others participate quite extravagantly. No matter how you live, it’s the idea of the reflection of life that gives you more than you are aware.

What do we mean by this? Well, when your soul projects itself onto the physical plane, there are myriad energies you interface with that can, at times, help you to merge with the concept of oneness. Indeed, you are not separated from anything but rather part of it. The energy can simply be a bird flying within your reality or a pebble lying in your path. It can be a phone call that happens at a certain time or a word your eyes are drawn to. Become more aware of your surroundings. Rather than looking at it as if it’s separate, realize you are part of it.

Everything on the physical plane vibrates at a specific vibration. So the chair or sofa you sit on vibrates in congruency, organizing its cells to that particular form. They celebrate this idea. The chair never is angry that it’s not the sofa [laughs]. Now, we like to make a little joke about that so that you can see how human emotions can play out in the complexity as well as the simplicity. When your human emotions come forward in that way, it’s because you have a charge on that particular idea, especially if it’s an emotion the human is uncomfortable with — judgment or denial. The charge reflects stored emotion, energy that exists to notify the human by electrical pulsation.