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Connect with the Voice of Your Inner Guidance

Connect with the Voice of Your Inner Guidance The One Life through Catherine Weser

One question that is often asked in personal sessions is, “How can I get in touch with my inner guides?” The answer is, of course, that you already are in touch with your inner guides, as “they” and “you” are not separate in any way. Yet it can sometimes be difficult to sort through all the inner voices to find the one that seems to be guidance.

You are very busy talking to yourself all the time: making comments about “this” and “that,” talking over what you are going to do next or through the year, discussing the actions of another, and evaluating whatever they have done in terms of your best interests. There is an infinite array of topics passing through without any real order or reason.

Without much fanfare, a voice sometimes arises when you first awaken, right before you drift off to sleep, in a dream, or during meditation that has somewhat different characteristics. This voice speaks with a sense of what already is. It comes from the heart space rather than the intellect. It never suggests that harm come to anyone. It has a natural, not forced, morality.