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Communion of the Spirit

Communion of the Spirit Artemis through Kenneth Drake

As we have said to you before, beautiful one, not once have you ever truly been alone, for you have friends in Spirit. In these trying times you now unfold and develop in, we speak to you of a divine principle that is coming to the forefront of your recognition — that of spirit communion. Today in your world, as never before, a great awakening is occurring through which many arise with seeing eyes and untethered awareness and have experiences that you might term encounters.

These encounters have long existed, even before the physical cosmos was thought and spoken into being. Throughout your history on your world, many have risen who have been called seers and prophets. These terms most often refer to those who possess the ability to see beyond the illusionary veil between our worlds. Now as never before, as awakening comes into her fullness and the great work of uncovering commences, many more are beginning to see our world without a limiting, filtering lens.

Many among you who the disillusioned have long called mad are speaking of encounters with our world. These visionaries in your midst have been scoffed, mocked, persecuted, and rejected. The great teachers who came before you were often slain — stoned to death, crucified, beheaded, or burned at the stake. Many before you have paid a very great price for the awakening you now enjoy. Theirs have been necessary sacrifices and needed catalysts for awakening. Though they were ridiculed and persecuted, their encounters awakened others. In each generation, there have been visionaries for whom the supernatural was natural and the extraordinary became quite ordinarily.