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Come Together in a Shared Vision to Manifest Miracles

Come Together in a Shared Vision to Manifest Miracles Mother Mary through Janet Desaulniers

Good day, my beloveds. It is with great joy that I communicate with you in this way. Be at peace within yourselves and with me. Together we create an expanded consciousness that allows a greater benevolent energy to radiate out to all.

Today I would like to answer all who have asked me how to best participate in helping the world situation. So many of you feel of little or no help in affecting what seems like overwhelming circumstances. In other communications with you, I have addressed your concerns about this. I understand that more has happened since then that continues to challenge you. No matter how it looks and feels, I assure you that you are making a significant difference by raising your, others’, and Mother Earth’s vibration.

You have come far in your personal and planetary ascension by applying what you have learned so far. You have transmuted and transformed yourselves into powerful forces for peace. Trust that this is so. Know in your hearts and minds that you are achieving what seemed impossible not so long ago. Keep doing your best; and believe, believe, believe in your capabilities and strength. Loving yourselves is the key to raising the vibration for all. Remember you are creating your vision for the future. Love and live what you are creating. Humanity is a power that will not be denied.