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Celebrate Your Unique Being

Celebrate Your Unique Being Mother Mary through Therese Dorer

I find myself sitting by a still reflecting pond. As I gaze into the water, I see the image of Mother Mary. I feel her eminence, and her presence enfolds me in the highest light, the highest love, and the highest truth. The beauty of her being is a gift to my heart.

Dearest children of Earth, I come forth today with all my love to ask you to feel this love deep in your hearts. There has never been a time on planet Earth that was as important as now. This time is a precious opportunity for transformation and transmutation. It is a time to release the old paradigms holding you back. This is the time to allow transformation and to bathe in the highest light of conversion and unconditional love.

Remember for a moment that within your body, mind, and spirit (the three bodies that make up what it means to be a spirit having a human experience), is the whole universe. Envision that you are the universe, and everything you think — each joy you experience, each emotion you feel — creates that universe that is you.