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Becoming a Spiritual Activist

Becoming a Spiritual Activist The Peacemakers through Robin Baldock & Greg Branson

Although the confusion in Washington is attracting attention from other movements, it is pleasing to note that the civil war karma we have mentioned before is gradually being worked out through Black Lives Matter and other such initiatives. But perhaps more important than this, and lagging a bit behind, is the need to bring up and come to terms with the karma relating to Native American communities, which is on a deeper and much more fundamental level.

Certainly many in the indigenous populations have hit the headlines recently as their traditional lands are violated by commercial interests. Although the current Washington elite is brushing these matters aside, what these good people are courageously trying to do to counter this will gradually bring their plight and the injustices underlying it further to the fore.

Sociologists say that the high incidence of social issues can, in most cases, be traced back to the dire poverty, high unemployment, and general state of decay on the country’s Indian reservations, leading to health problems of crisis proportions. But it goes much deeper than this.