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Awaken Your Potential for Abundance

Awaken Your Potential for Abundance Spirit of Success through Rae Chandran

Hello to all. I was created along with others to support humanity. There are pockets in your body and auric fields that contain codes and embedded energies that, when awakened, will give you the essence and the power to create what you desire. Most humans have heard about karma and how it influences every part of your lives, including the power to create abundantly. These codes and embedded energies are in everybody, and you must awaken to this truth within you so that as you grow spiritually, you are also able to create abundantly in your material life.

Exercises to Awaken Your Creation Energy

Exercise 1: The first energy that must be awakened is the energy of the elbows. This part of the arm contains many secrets and is very ancient; hence, it has wrinkles around it. There are three energies inside the elbow:

  • the potential you can create
  • how to recognize this potential
  • how to take creative action to bring forth what you want to create