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Ask Erik: Release Attachments to Find Peace

Ask Erik: Release Attachments to Find Peace Elisa Medhus

Do you see us moving closer to our grandchildren or buying a new home in our current area on the lake? If this move happens, when do you see it happening?

— Kim D.

From Erik: Well, before I answer your question straight up, you have to remember the importance of what you can see. What good would it do you if I just answer your questions without teaching you something? That’s why I’m here!

To manifest anything you want, you have to be able to see it and feel it. Envision the move you want, and connect with the emotional reality of it too. That will be the most powerful way to create a new flow of energy to manifest this move. You’ll make it happen, but you need to learn to trust your decisions. Make decisions for you and what you want, not to just please others. Also, be real with yourself when it comes to practicality. Ask yourself, “Is it practical?” That will help clear your mind during your decision-making time!