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Ask the Angels: Ask What You Can Do to Help Others

Ask the Angels: Ask What You Can Do to Help Others Cheryl Gaer Barlow

I had a question about the Chelton Soldiers in heaven that your book describes. I don’t understand. Aren’t soldiers sort of the opposite of the love and joy that the angels describe as heaven? You can’t battle enemies to kill them and love them at the same time.

— Jenna, Mankato, MN

From the angels: Souls can forgive and bless the attacker. The Chelton Soldiers have achieved this balance. They fight and bless their enemies so that they will find their way. They hold the highest and most honorable qualities and overtake all enemies of God and the heavens.

They hold no hatred in their hearts. The realization that battle is necessary gives courage to fight. They have awareness of the enemy’s consciousness and respect the motions of war. These are not men of war. They are of extreme wisdom, fortitude, values, and honor in any circumstance. These are angels of the strongest morality and the highest dedication to God. They are at the ready to serve God in any capacity.