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Allow the Magic to Flow

Allow the Magic to Flow Donna Taylor

We’ve all had the blissful experience of being in the flow, those days when everything goes right without any effort. We sail into the perfect parking place, the book we really wanted appears in a thrift store in pristine condition for just a few dollars, and then we end up sitting next to someone on the train who turns out to be the right person at the right time.

What is the magic ingredient that ensures such ease? That could remain a mystery, but we know that it is something beyond our conscious control. It might be because we are in an extremely good mood and our positivity radiates outward, attracting good things back to us. Or it could be that we’re in a relaxed frame of mind that enables life to flow a little bit easier. How many times do things go wrong when we’re in a state of tension? It seems that the more we struggle and strain for something, the more elusive it becomes. We can conclude, then, that this flow of synchronistic harmony occurs when we’re in an unclenched, relaxed, positive state of mind, which is precisely what the month of September offers us.

All Is Well in Our World

Astrologically speaking, we can pin synchronicity and being in the flow on Neptune, a planet making a strong presence this month. During the first week of September, Neptune opposes the Sun in Virgo and then sides with the full moon in Pisces. Mars then joins the Sun in Virgo, swiftly followed by Mercury and Venus. This is a huge amount of energy in the sign of Virgo, and no doubt those born under it will find themselves in the spotlight in some way this month.