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Akashic Answers: Create Balance in Transitional Times

Akashic Answers: Create Balance in Transitional Times Amanda Romania

I recently went on a spiritual weekend retreat where we were taught shamanic wisdom and many other energy techniques. Since my return, I have felt that my world has changed and I am not the same person. Is there something I can do to balance this? I love my family and my job, but I also love the work we did during this special weekend. How do I blend my worlds?

— Maggie, California

From Amanda: Yes, when we make time to go on a journey into shamanic wisdom, it changes our lives and can affect our world in many ways. I see in your akashic records that you have been a shamanic teacher and have led medicine journeys in Central America. During that time, you lived alone and connected with cosmic energies as well as sacred animals. The jaguar is one of your totem animals, so please call on it for strength and protection. This remembrance of being alone will bring up the fear of losing or leaving your loved ones in this lifetime. With your permission, I have removed the vow of aloneness from your records.

I also see that your aura and chakras are changing, and they have greater energy than before. Just as a light bulb with extra wattage emits greater light but can also lead to burn out, your chakra energy can lead to ascension sickness.