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You Will Recognize Your Treasure in Time

You Will Recognize Your Treasure in Time The Hathors through Anara WhiteBear

There is a gathering of energy at this time, a gathering to prepare you for the direction that you cannot see. This gathering is much like putting things inside a box or a bag, some kind of container, that you put away to save for later. In doing so, you save this energy to open at another time. You cannot prepare yourself to use the energy, for you do not know at this time what to do with it. All you can do is receive it and put it away for the day that it is to be used.

There is more happening than what you understand. You are being given more than what you can see at this time, and that which seems confusing will be less confusing in the days to come. This day, you do not know what to do as the energies come in. You do not know how to explore them. You do not know how to define them. You do not know how to put them into a strategy, a workable way of using them, but you have a sense that there is something you are to do with these energies. Yet nothing is happening.

You store these energies for the day you open the bag, the box, the being that you are. You hold these energies within, store them away. You will open them and find treasures you are receiving during this time. These treasures do not look like treasures now, for you do not know what they are. It is energy. It is pure energy flowing into you without you understanding why or what it is. But when the day comes to open them and you pull them out one by one, you will see they are jewels. They are treasures. They are gold. They are diamonds. They are rubies, and they are sapphires.