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You Are Worthy of Love and Respect

You Are Worthy of Love and Respect Archangel Michael through Ronna

Beloved ones, as you learn to tap into the cosmic records in the higher realms, you broaden your awareness of your cosmic lineage. The process of reunification is well under way as many faithful servers of the light strive to reclaim the many facets of their divinity. Part of our mission is to help you remember your divine heritage and understand the unprecedented process humanity is in the midst of.

Many starseeds and way-showers came into this lifetime with the vibrational frequencies of more active rays within your diamond-core God cell than those still functioning within the third- and lower fourth-dimensional realms. Therefore, you have experienced more bursts of God-conscious awareness over recent years. If you compare notes about your earlier experiences with others on the path, you will find that you have had many similar experiences throughout your lifetimes. You are now aware that many of the miracles, inspired thoughts, and beneficent coincidences are not common for the average person who still functions within the distorted realms of the mass-consciousness belief structure.

What you are now undergoing, brave hearts, is the transition of the final stages of the fourth-dimensional realm. Many of you on the fast track of the ascension process are in the midst of integrating the remaining facets of your higher selves within the fourth dimension. This activates many memories and feelings, a kaleidoscope of experiences from your ancient past within the higher realms. Over the past several years, we have relayed to you the critical process you must go through to arrive at your programmed destination, the first subplane of the fifth dimension.