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True Stability Resides in the Three Inner Mountains

True Stability Resides in the Three Inner Mountains Master Djwhal Khul through Kathlyn Kingdon

Beloved students, I greet you this month in poignant reflection on the eruptions of senseless violence that have escalated during recent months. I am writing to you just two days after the shocking events occurring in Nice, France, during this year’s national Bastille Day celebration. Thus, I come to you from the very heart of its energetic aftermath, and I do so for a specific reason. I extend enduring grace in the form of comfort and profound condolences to all who have suffered deeply from the harsh events of the summer. May our combined focus this month serve as a vehicle of liberation for all who are experiencing inner devastation born of meaningless violence. May the collective level of accumulated suffering now arising on Earth be utterly dissolved.

Let us come together to powerfully intend healing in the wake of widespread wrath, loving kindness in the face of hatred, and peace in the midst of warring mentality — arising internationally, in political debate, or within your own mind. Know that you are loved immeasurably, and that we, your spiritual teachers, hold forth for a gentler way of securing the paradigm shift you now coalesce to create. May our shared benevolent thoughts form a protective energetic blanket that embraces Earth with healing love and that fosters an even greater collective dedication to establishing peace on Earth.

Although these events may seem somewhat outdated by the time you read this article, according to CNN’s website,1 violent attacks over the summer included the following: