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The Stars Are Aligned to Develop Consciousness

The Stars Are Aligned to Develop Consciousness Count St. Germain through Star Hinman

Beloved ones, we wish to bring you the valuable perspective that everything in your lives is constantly developing, shaping, and molding your consciousness in various ways, just as a growing plant is influenced by the natural elements of sun, soil, and rain. It is your responsibility as human beings to be constantly aware of how, when, and why you choose the various circumstances of your lives. These things you come in contact with shape and influence your thoughts, your actions, your beliefs, and ultimately, your character.

You are constantly in the state of becoming. It is up to you to fully recognize this process of development that is always occurring within you. Realize that it takes constant vigilance on your part to consciously choose what you are becoming. Be forever vigilant as to what you allow in your consciousness and what you allow your consciousness to focus on because then you observe what you are becoming.

The control of the focus of consciousness is one of the most important lessons for humanity and the most valuable thing that you, as a human being, can learn because this is what will develop your next stage of growth. Pay attention to all the circumstances of your life, and be aware of how each contributes to your overall development and the development of each aspect of who you are.