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The Soul Makes Many Choices before Birth

The Soul Makes Many Choices before Birth Thoth through Rae Chandran

Master Thoth here. You are already aware that children choose their parents and grandparents before birth. This choice is made loosely, not concretely, about thirty-four to thirty-six months in advance. Yes, I understand that this might not make sense to you logically, and you might think, “The parents might not have even met at that point.” However, the soul looks at a variety of things before it decides where and to whom it will be born. The soul is only interested in having experiences to enrich wisdom and growth, so it will look for a variety of people and conditions through which it can fulfill its highest potential.

The soul scouts the energies where it will be born, when it will be born (keeping in mind the potential to change the timeline because of changing consciousness), to whom it will be born, and then the potential of the selected father’s and mother’s spiritual growth and frequency. The soul looks at the possible futures of the parents, grandparents, and country as well as the energies and life contracts of any siblings it might have.

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