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Ship Surveying Earth in Oregon in 1950

Ship Surveying Earth in Oregon in 1950 ET on Ship and His Father through Robert Shapiro

I will speak about my son first. He is wise but was a little bit strong headed, you would say, when he was young and a little bit stubborn also. But he is older now and sees things differently.

My son was the one on that ship photographed by the people [in Oregon in 1950]. And he was, as he will say, surveying. But it was not necessary for the ship to be seen. However, from his previous experience in another part of your world, where people were friendly and comfortable with ships and us, he grew rather fond of Earth human beings. So when the people who took the picture were there — it was a remote place — he could see them, and he wanted to give them a gift. How can you give somebody a gift if you cannot land and come out and be friendly?

He allowed them to take a photograph of the ship, but there was some resistance on board because everybody knew that was not supposed to happen. So the ship was only photographed partially. You can see, along the bottom the ship, this sort of gap. You can’t see the ship so well because that’s part of the disguise system. The ship doesn’t disappear or become invisible; it just becomes disguised, normally. And that technology is still in use today.