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Shamanic Wisdom: A Wholly Unified and Perfect Cosmos

Shamanic Wisdom: A Wholly Unified and Perfect Cosmos Jan Engels-Smith

The evolution of spirituality in the modern world has led to significant efforts in personal development. Personal development boosts the creation of thriving shamanic communities, which then greatly enhances the impact of the individual’s efforts. These communities hold the potential of and pre-create microcosms for a future spiritual society, a society in which everyone is essential and honored and the individual’s contribution to the whole is seen as a valuable asset. Personal development can lead to healthy communities that in turn create a healthier world.

Our community (LightSong)has been successful because at its foundation is the realization and recognition of basic human needs. Basic needs that create emotional thriving stem from the feelings of love and value or from feeling significant. The acts and words of love feed the soul in a way that is unmatched by any other effort we make. A healthy community offers the opportunity in its functionality for mutual acceptance, inclusion, recognition, and appreciation. By these acts, a person’s emotions and spirit are enhanced, and value is reinforced. In these ways, the community makes the commitment to consistently and constantly reinforce the common positive energy of belonging.

I have found in my work that you can either contribute positive or negative energy to any situation. This contribution will have a direct effect on whether the situation manifests a positive or negative outcome. There are only two choices. Of course, there is a vast array of subtle variations to the spectrum of positive or negative energy; however, each variation can be identified in one category or the other — positive or negative. What you choose will create a corresponding outcome.