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Seed Thought

Seed Thought Spirit of Space and Gabriel et al. through Arthur Fanning

All right, we’re here. The condition you’re in now, humanity speaking, is the understanding of a process that you would call the seed thought — seed thought, seed thought. You are the result of that seed thought. You are the result — the manifested aspect — of that seed thought. Where’d that come from? The thought of the seed itself?

You grew from a seed, the father’s seed and the mother’s egg. But where did the seed come from? Where was the influence in your life individually? How did that become generated? The seed came from the desire for the understanding of the process termed breath because your outer body died. It’s dead, floating around. It’s not breathing — no breath. You’re luminescent or not. You are the confines of your own ignorance, actually, in the dirt, a dust-to-dust thing. The dust-to-dust thing is the cognitive understanding of the importance of water. That’s where you come from. Water is the dust you manifested.

You’re in that process now, spiritually speaking. Your world now is going through a cathartic awakening — earthquakes, volcanoes. The space that you’re in is going to crack literally right in front of you. It’s going to open. You’re going to see the curtain open.