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Responsible Recycling of Negative Energy

Responsible Recycling of Negative Energy Archangel Zadkiel through Sri Ram Kaa & Kira Raa

Welcome! Breathe and smile, for you are welcoming new acquaintances that are creating extraordinary new openings. These openings create an energetic pattern that ignites your energies to meet, recognize, integrate, and be. This is a divine flow for the energetic shifts you are living with, and they begin by welcoming new acquaintances.

Energy is ever-abundantly available. It is not a missing link. It is not something from afar. When you say yes and welcome an acquaintance, it is an important discernment of your wisdom, as not all energy is for integration. Not all energy is for everyone. There are many different energy emanations. Some are substantial, some are good for your growth, some are necessary for all paths, and some are superfluous!

There are chaotic energies gathered on your planet within the planetary thought body. Reflect on this. What happens to the energy you discharge through day-to-day interactions? Recall an event when you discharged energy. It might have been a reaction while driving or with someone you were speaking with.