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Put Your Piece of the Puzzle in Place

Put Your Piece of the Puzzle in Place The group through Steve Rother

Greetings, dear ones. You are on a path of joy. We have watched as you have started to evolve in many different ways, and this day, we wish to share that you have a very unique light. It is your light that has often been missing from the world around you, so that is what we are asking all of you to do in this time we have together. You have changed planet Earth drastically, and it continues to adapt moment by moment. These are not little adjustments but major shifts that you are making on your planet. All of them have the ability to return you closer to that which you know as Home, to the energy you came from and can live in every day of your lives.

We have illustrated this for you and provided the understanding that each of you has a unique puzzle piece. Many times, you cannot find where you belong. Perhaps someone else is holding the puzzle piece, and you need some of those closest to you to remind you where your place is in the world. That is one reason many feel lost, dear ones.

To some degree, each of you knows who you are and the gifts you brought from Home. What you do not always know is where that puzzle piece fits or how to use it, work with it, or offer it up to others. Why is that important? People often come to planet Earth with the greatest intent and gifts. They might bring the most wonderful message of empowerment for others as they express their visions from Home in human forms.