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One Universal Heartbeat

One Universal Heartbeat Isaiah through Kathryn Rawlings & Terry Spears

Isaiah: We would like to speak on a special subject of harmonization throughout the universe and one vibrating heartbeat. There has been a calamity of sorts throughout the universe for many years as the turmoil in different galaxies has built up to a point of disruption within the total universe. Each quadrant has galaxies that are in tune with its own evolutionary process, and each quadrant has special agendas for life forms that vibrate within those galaxies.

The most important factor is to realize that there are many life forms that consist of many degrees of life understanding, and they use different reference points for their individual processes. Now a specialty of sorts is taking place. A unified heartbeat is going to the center point of the universe and collecting momentum with harmony within all of the collective vibrations. This is a wonderful thing to witness, for it is not only bringing transition closer to Earth but also a unified feeling, effort, and opportunity to all life to evolve in new directions and new ways that benefit all. Do you understand?

Terry: Yes. I didn’t realize it was so expansive.

Kathy: What brought this about, Isaiah? Was this intentional with our transition? Has this just come about? Was this a planned event? Why did this happen?