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Make More Evolved Choices

Make More Evolved Choices Lord Sanat Kumara through Maureen St. Germain

This is Lord Sanat Kumara. I am here to give you a message of hope and tranquility. You are about to embark on a major transformation of who you are and how you relate to one another in reality. Many thousands of years ago, I came to your beautiful planet to hold the balance of light. I am filled with joy, as you are on the threshold of your graduation to a brand-new era. I would like to give you an idea of what this new era means to you. Before I do, I ask that opportunities and tools that will help you shift and change be available to you.

Those of you reading this are seekers. You would not be spending time on this message if you were not already on board, yet as we say this, we know that each of you has shortcomings you need to overcome. Even this channel [Maureen St. Germain] finds herself at times wishing her heart were a little more open.

When you discover you have behaved badly for any reason, you must determine where you feel lack in your hearts. We will use this channel’s experience as an example. She doesn’t like it when people cut in front of her in line. When she went into a meditation to explore why she had energy on it and objected to line cutting at the security checkpoint, for example, she realized that it is because she is anxious to be on her mission — to reach out to people and to promote or support humanity. She always wants to do this and doesn’t like being held up. We remind her that “chilling” can turn into a golden opportunity of love and light. Now when someone takes her place in line, instead of objecting and feeling wronged, she tries to wait patiently. When someone cuts in front of her, instead of thinking, “Why can’t this person wait? I did,” she thinks, “I can infuse these moments with unconditional love.” And so can you.