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Jupiter Brings Well-Deserved Benefits for All

Jupiter Brings Well-Deserved Benefits for All Donna Taylor

September is a jam-packed month astrologically. There are two eclipses, Mercury is retrograde, and — wait for it — Jupiter changes signs. Astrologers get very excited when Jupiter changes signs, partly because it only happens once a year and partly because the people born under the sign it moves into tend to benefit in quite a substantial way. This year, Libras are the lucky recipients. And let’s face it, given the number of challenges that the people born under the sign of the Scales have had over the past few years, it would be mean to begrudge them their good fortune.

It’s not just Libras who look set to have a better time. All signs will receive particular benefits, for Jupiter is a generous guest. When he turns up on your doorstep, he does so with a gift or two. What your gift is will depend on which sign you are and subsequently which house he will move into. For example, Virgos who have had the pleasure of Jupiter’s company for the past twelve months will witness Jupiter moving into their second house of money, which should procure some financial or material benefits.

What we need to remember with Jupiter is that he’s all about growth, so wherever he falls in your chart is where you need to focus on growth. Libras will need to push out of their comfort zones and embrace a more adventurous spirit, and Virgos will need to “grow” their material lives. It’s a simple message, really. Once you’ve identified which house Jupiter is in (by consulting your individual forecast), you will have a good idea where you need to focus.