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The Importance of Moments in the Subtle Journey of Love

The Importance of Moments in the Subtle Journey of Love Ataoris through Gilly Wilmot

This moment before beginning is an important threshold — the moment before beginning, before making a decision, before the thought to make a decision, before considering that there is indeed a moment. The human brain valiantly pursues this succession of moments that lead to decisions and the beginning of something — always something. There is rarely a moment prior to a decision that does not lead to some form of change, as any change is of its own nature a beginning. It has to be.

This moment reflects something of great importance when we consider the planet as a whole — the moments in each part of this extraordinary world. And it reflects how important those particular moments before a decision, before beginning, and before change are because of the many extreme situations you face. This time of transition has been spoken of many times. It will be a time of great challenge that involves polarizations of all manner of human expression. Therefore it is a time of extremely important choices — choices that human beings have not ever faced in the same way.

The Beginning

The whole nature of human evolution means that what we see now is a beginning of something very new. Step by step there has been progress and new beginnings that have led to change, which is always challenging. There have been promising periods in human history when all seemed to be on a clear path with a clear vision and light shined on all human endeavors, but there have been times when that promise was not fulfilled. Another path has been taken. The light and the vision dimmed, and there was a backward step — an unsteady backward step — that led to another period of stagnation.