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Hope and Information Surface, but Manipulation Remains

Hope and Information Surface, but Manipulation Remains Lynn Buess

Dreams and hopes flourish in all cultures as the optimistic and idealistic nature of humanity longs for a harmonious and prosperous world. Manipulators and schemers feed off of this hopeful energy to further self-inflate their agendas.

Events in the global hot spots of the Philippines, Japan, Germany, and the Middle East will shape the world. Announcements from the Vatican will add to secular confusion and doubts about religious history. Church doctrine will move further away from the teachings of Jesus as the mythology of many religions continue to be researched and revealed.

The military will release information about advanced weapons, technologies, and craft that were developed decades ago, and plans to fake an alien attack will continue. Information will surface that reveals that the human mind and soul are far more advanced and our knowledge is being manipulated more than we realize.