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The Full-Body Connection of Purpose

The Full-Body Connection of Purpose Archangel Raphael through Trisha Michael

Grounding is very much a way of holding gratitude in your now. Grounding provides a purpose to feel, see, know, and be. Grounding from your root allows a structural alignment of all energy fields within your being to coalesce and strengthen to the divine moment that is now. Anchoring, grounding, and being settled are constructs that make you a spiritual being that is at peace with the physical endurance test you have challenged yourself to within this incarnation.

I come into you through a process of anchoring — anchoring within each cell, each space, and each vibrational frequency that all your energies together hold. I am anchored in all of you as I bring in a remembrance that you are not your body, and you are not this moment. You are eternal.

In creativity, we share a magnetic pulse to move the denseness of all particles in this world of duality. The pulse of your heart magnetizes the flow of all of you to pump up and make a body hold action. Creativity of space and creativity of each other are magnetic pulses that accentuate your courage and strength to bring in a new stroke, as with a paintbrush, of you to celebrate claiming a space that is nothing if you are not here.