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Foster Fluid, Flexible Frameworks for the Future

Foster Fluid, Flexible Frameworks for the Future Egyptian Cat Archetypes through Mary Elizabeth Hoffman

September 2016 energies are all about rebirthing and restructuring beliefs, systems, and relationships that are outdated and restrictive. This month is all about discovering fluid, flexible frameworks that nurture expansion for all members of the human kingdom.

The Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine energies continue to rain down on Earth and all its inhabitants. Those with open hearts and minds will discover new ways to express their loving heart visions in all their beauty. Those stuck in old paradigms and energies will be offered suggestions from all quarters for freeing options to pursue. Be careful to avoid trading one limiting framework for another in a desire to have a sense of security and control.

Follow Your Inner Truth

The new moon in early Virgo at 1:04am (PST) on September 1 is eclipsed, setting the tone for the month. The whole month is about discovering the frameworks that empower growth and visionary pursuits. Your destiny is guided by your soul heart’s compass. Some will have the wisdom, determination, and trust to follow their inner truth and remain in the present moment. These are the members of the human kingdom for whom doors will begin to miraculously open and to whom opportunities will easily flow and connect.