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Embrace the New Generations of Spiritual Teachers

Embrace the New Generations of Spiritual Teachers Waymas through Abby Isadora Haydon

A magnificent time for receiving spiritual knowledge is on the horizon when the elements of your world will line up to unveil many forms of knowledge and transformation. These teachings will be in harmony with the four main elements of your world: earth, air, water, and fire. Those who bring through the teachings and new ways of being will most likely have connections to those elements.

Many of you have been seeking for a long time. You have tried many systems of spiritual growth that were developed by other humans at this time. Some called prophets or gurus developed such systems to walk toward enlightenment. Many have immersed themselves in these systems and have experienced spiritual growth, but after years of following a certain path, they find that enlightenment has not manifested for them.

We address this discourse to these souls who fervently seek the bliss of life on the Earth plane. We are able to see the growing hopes and prayers of those spiritual seekers. Many of you are beginning to see the emptiness of what you have devoted your lives to for so many years. You look in new directions for guidance in making existence better and understanding each human’s many potentials.