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Embrace the New Divine Masculine Template

Embrace the New Divine Masculine Template Maxey-Mac through Carol Long

A new Divine Masculine template has been on most people’s growth radar for a while now. The old ones obviously don’t fit very well anymore. Yesterday I heard a young, spoken-word poet in the subway rapping about how everyone tells him to be a man, but he never knew his father and has no idea how to do that. His wording was much more rhythmic and poetic than mine, but I think many of us — male and female — do not have the examples we long for on how to integrate and express our masculine energy with power and grace. 

I thought it would be beneficial to share a fun conversation I recently had with a feline being. Enjoy his “purr-sonality” as you read about his progress and how he is discovering his own masculine energies and relating them to our human paths.

A Journey into Shamanism

Wow, here I am. [He does a quick little energetic dance.] I was away for a long time, it seems, and learning so much. The shaman’s life is completely it! There’s no doing anything else. I had to give all my “wantings” to wanting to do it. I didn’t know whether I’d like that, you see, because I like to hold out a little bit of me — my energy and my focus — in case I suddenly want to do something else. So I tried to do that at first, and they [Maxey-Mac’s teachers] just waited silently. [Maxey-Mac shows me an image of the teachers standing and waiting. It looks as if they have waited centuries. Maxey shows me his process as a prototype of healing the masculine template from boy to adult — divine male — as a template of complete devotion, reliability, and competence.]