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Consciousness Is in Your DNA

Consciousness Is in Your DNA Kryon through Lee Carroll

Greetings, dear ones, I am Kryon of Magnetic Service. What I would like to present this evening could be misunderstood. It is advanced information that may create confusion, so I’ll ask my partner to go slowly and use examples that I give him.

There’s something beautiful happening right now in this chair, and it’s called connection. Channeling is controversial on this planet. There are so many who roll their eyes and say it is not possible or is of the occult or just too odd. More than that, many say that it is not proper. So you might say that Humanity is spiritually biased against it.

The fact is that my partner is indeed connected with the creative Source. It’s okay to be connected through prayer and meditation, but quite often channeling crosses the line. Nevertheless, this is real, and my partner steps aside for this message. He literally takes his consciousness and melds it with mine, allowing me to use all that’s within him for this message. But he’s not entirely here.