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Breaking Through the Confines of Space and Time

Breaking Through the Confines of Space and Time The Founders through Jaap van Etten

Jaap: I do not consider myself a channel in the traditional sense. There is no particular being that comes through me to share its messages. However, when I am performing metaphysical studies, especially studies on earth energies, I receive messages in a certain context. While conducting research in the Sedona area recently, I encountered beings who asked me to share a message that came through. These beings call themselves the Founders. They introduced themselves and came with a request.

The Founders: We are the ones that you call the Founders. We have followed and stimulated your research in the Sedona area, knowing that it would ultimately lead to a connection with us. We believe that your journey of discovering aspects of human consciousness is very important. This journey indicates that human consciousness has become restricted over time.

The results of your journey also indicate that humanity is again connecting with higher levels of consciousness. These higher levels of consciousness will allow the integration of past and present into a future in which a new consciousness will unfold that will change the Gaia system. To understand the importance and relevance of our message, we ask you to describe the steps in your research that have led to our connection.