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Become More Present

Become More Present Teacher through Miriandra Rota

Greetings! I am Teacher, and I come forth for a little chat. I would like to speak with you about declaring your independence. I am not talking about a date or political ideologies. I am talking about your personal independence from who you believe you have been — you know, that little hint that you keep getting that says that there must be something more. That is the avenue we can journey together, and during that journey, I believe you will discover a kind of independence that will give you a huge sigh of relief. Yes, then let’s begin.

Merge with Your Divine Nature

You see, my dears, when you entered this lifetime, you came with certain patterns, beliefs, encodings, and vibrational frequencies that held the histories of your own journeys — your own soul journeys. As you have been here upon this Earth for a while and you have been awakening to truth and its many wonderful adventures, you have been showered, so to speak, with those residues of the past.

Now, the residues are not culprits within your daily living. They do not cause you difficulties. What causes you difficulties, my dears, is the belief that you are less than who you are. This is what we have been calling an inside job. You can’t really just decide with your mind that you are not who you have been, that you are bigger, better, or more spiritual. There is more to it than that.