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Awaken Divine Abundance

Awaken Divine Abundance Goddess Hathor through Natalie Glasson

When love and consciousness bind, unity is created. Unity is the truth of every soul. It is the truth of the Creator and the Goddess. I am Goddess Hathor. It is through sound that I communicate with you now. Listen deeply — not with your ears, but with every cell of your being. The sound emanating from the core of my being vibrates through your being, allowing us to connect in harmony and at a new level of understanding. The universe is composed of and with sound. The Creator communicates with you through sacred sound vibrations. Those that resonate deeply with you are sacred sounds already realized within your being. Other sacred sounds from the Creator inspire remembrance or even resistance, which is a blessing that signifies you are ready to make a big leap within the source of your being, your soul and the Creator.

Experience Sacred Sound Vibrations

Be silent, and listen with every part of your being to my sound vibrations flowing through you. What do you experience?

Be silent, and listen with every part of your being to the sacred sound of your own being. Recognize the sound your entire being creates. Hold the intention of connecting with the sound of your core. What do you experience? How does it differ to my goddess energies?