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The Ascension Process Is Relative

The Ascension Process Is Relative Papa Juan through Beatriz Jimpson

This is Papa Juan, and we are present with you through all your life and death cycles, joys and trials, times of war and of peace, and travels and expansions. You are a loved and cherished species. You are unique to the universe and bring an inimitable and exciting view of life to all of us who observe and assist you.

Be gentle with yourself and others. Don’t assume malintention. Because your earthly cultures have come to a volatile and aggressive place in your human timeline, you often expect the worst from others. We observe your interactions as you look at others’ faces and guess at the content of their minds but frequently not their hearts. Often you become agitated without any confirmation of your assumption. If you could look into and sense the heart of another person, you might be surprised at what you would find. Your mind might take you to the worst place instead of the best.

Going through a process of connecting with another person’s heart is time-consuming, and you might not feel you have the patience for it, but it can be very rewarding and enlightening. It can also save time in the long run. What do we mean? If you take the time to search a person’s inner self, the heart, you might be surprised to find that your first impulse was incorrect. Not only that, but you have also given a possible new relationship an opportunity to grow.