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The Arcturian Stargate Experience

The Arcturian Stargate Experience Juliano and the Arcturians through David K. Miller

Greetings, I am Juliano. We are the Arcturians. First, I want to explain that the Arcturians are meant to be the overseers, guardians, and protectors of the stargate. There are three stargates in the Milky Way galaxy. This section of the galaxy has one stargate, and we oversee it. One of our missions is to explain to you what the stargate is and how to use it. The stargate can be described as a portal or corridor, but it is really greater than those things. It is like a train station on the fifth dimension. Consider the main entrance of a train station. You can see entranceways to many cities in your country, and you have the ability to choose where you want to go. You buy a ticket and go to the proper terminal. When the train arrives, you board and travel to that city. In a similar way, you can imagine that when you complete your Earth incarnation, you are able to travel to the beautiful interdimensional station called the stargate. You will enter the stargate through a beautiful doorway and see a remarkable view of entry portals to different fifth-dimensional planets throughout the galaxy. There, you are a free soul with no attachments to the third dimension or Earth. You have earned the powerful choice to go to any fifth-dimensional planet. Only those of highest-vibrational energy can pass through this stargate.

At the stargate, you will notice many familiar planet names. There’s the Pleiadians and their planet Era. There are the Arcturians and our planet Arcturus. There are the Lyrans and their planet Lyra. There is Alano, the moon-planet near the Central Sun. There is Sirius, the star system that is made famous by its connections and interactions with the Egyptians. There are even entranceways to galaxies nearby, such as the Andromeda galaxy.

You will have the choice to go to whichever fifth-dimensional planet you wish. You will also sense your home planet. Your home planet is where you originated in this galaxy. How will you choose? All planets in the fifth dimension will look inviting, and certainly, they are in a higher state, which means that each has higher consciousness, fifth-dimensional light, and advanced spiritual evolution.