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You Are the One True Light

You Are the One True Light Crystal Light through Laura Pieratt

Hello, beloveds, we are Crystal Light. We greet you this day on rays of light. We speak to you from one united heart as rays of illumination carry messages of peace and wisdom to all who lay their eyes on this page, for, you see, such illumination is complete. Even as you extract fragments of wisdom, thought, perspective, and information from the light of Source, the whole is given. As your mind enjoys, relates to, and assimilates the fragments — concepts, images, messages, and so on — your spirit soaks up the whole light the fragments have flowed in on. This greater light is the light behind all that you see in your physical world. It is the Source light of creation, the creative force of All That Is. While invisible to the physical eyes of most humans, this light is the matrix of all you see around you.

As you experience channeled messages, the whole light energy embedded within them refreshes and revitalizes your soul and body, even as your mind enjoys the tidbits of rational thought. The ideas presented in such discourses might heal, assist a release, seed (or activate) dormant energy existing within you, or affirm what you already know or perceive. Still, question yourself with that exhausting energy of self-doubt. Perhaps it will provide inspiration with an “aha!” moment, initiating a fresh perspective that lifts you out of a well-worn stomping ground into new spaces of being and new potentials of creation and aligned purpose.

Either way, it is a useful excursion into both whole and fragments, for it offers sustenance, nourishment, and nurturing, because the core energy of love is embedded in all that flows from the light. That is the great gift you offer yourself when you sit with a focus on the light, whether your focus is directed inward (to your own light or that of Spirit) or outward into the world of light-based form. With that preamble, let us begin to sooth your weary places, offering refreshment as you breathe in the light within and behind the words and concepts offered in this message.