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Stop Fracking for the Good of the Planet and Humankind

Stop Fracking for the Good of the Planet and Humankind Isis through Robert Shapiro

3 June 2015

Are there any other signs or manifestations within us or beyond us that you can talk about that are happening now or about to happen?

No, I want to talk about what is happening, and I don’t want to say what could happen. If I say what could happen, you’ll wait for it to happen. But if I say what is happening, even though it hasn’t happened for you, perhaps it will happen at some point. Because it’s happening now, I don’t want people to get confused about it, what it could mean: “Oh, it means ‘this!’ Oh, it means ‘that!’” It’s simply an experience that is natural and normal to all beings all over the universe. Although when you’re living on a benevolent planet and all beings are benevolent — which is the vast majority with the possible exception of Earth as it is right now, since it is a teaching planet where you are — then it practically never comes up. But if it does come up, people would just shift into that benevolent state where they are feeling their energies, their benevolent energies. This is actually the state they’re in most of the time; they relax into it. Then the person who needs help would be served by that energy, and it would help them through whatever crisis they are experiencing in that moment.