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Shamanic Wisdom

Shamanic Wisdom Jan Engels-Smith

Behind the Portal

In April 1998, I was in Egypt with a group of shamanic practitioners. We had traveled to this ancient land for its mystical history of alchemy and connection to the spiritual realms.

We were scheduled to do a ceremony in one of the pyramids. We entered the side door of the pyramid and ascended through a narrow crawl space lined by earthen walls with a hardened dirt floor and traveled deep to the interior of the pyramid. We emerged into a great room just below the apex and in the center of the pyramid. In the room was a great sarcophagus to one side and altar spaces with a demarcation of the direct center, where we congregated in a circle.

We stood chatting excitedly. One of our members seemed to move into a trance-like state and started to emit a very strange sound, which seemed to emanate from deep inside her person. It was a combination of toning and quick lip movements that created an odd sound like a code of some sort.