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Sacred Energy of Trees and the Plant Kingdom

Sacred Energy of Trees and the Plant Kingdom Archangel Metatron through James Tyberonn

Greetings dear ones, I am Metatron, angelic of light, and we welcome and acknowledge each of you reading these words in the now moment of your connection to the energetic vibration coded within this message. It is an auspicious gathering! An entourage of Spirit joins us, and we assure you that we acknowledge each reader with a keen awareness; it gives us joy! We assure you that as meaningful as these gatherings are to you, they are equally significant to us who are of the angelic realm. These moments of sharing are not offered only to provide selective messages of stimulating information to you but to provide light coded energy as well, unspoken nurturing energy that is taken in through your hearts and given from ours. Such energies are afforded to you — the present you and the becoming you.

Dear ones, take a moment to close your eyes and mentally visualize the green ray bathing your essence.

We are joined now by the energy collective of the plant kingdom; indeed, that collective is the harbinger of the green ray, of healing and love.